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Laura Madson

Laura Madson

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I joined the faculty of the Psychology Department in August 1996. I was hired for my interest and expertise in teaching and teaching remains my emphasis. I specialize in teaching Introduction to Psychology using a teaching paradigm called Team-Based Learning. I typically teach 300-400 Introduction to Psychology students every academic year. I have written a textbook specifically for use in my team-based learning Intro Psych classes: Psychology for Everyday Life. I also offer regular workshops on team-based learning for the NMSU Teaching Academy.

When I'm not working, I tend to my husband, Keith, and sons (Ian age 9 and Erik age 7) and my critters. For fun, I run, participate in triathlons, read, knit, or relax with a nice pint of beer.

Primary Interests:

  • Applied Social Psychology
  • Gender Psychology
  • Person Perception
  • Sexuality, Sexual Orientation

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Journal Articles:

  • Madson, L., & Shoda, J. (2006). Alternating between masculine and feminine pronouns: Does essay topic affect readers’ perceptions? Sex Roles, 54, 275-285.
  • Richardson, J., Trafimow, D., and Madson, L. (2012). Future health-related behavioral intention formation: The role of affect and cognition. Journal of Social Psychology, 152, 775-779.
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  • Madson, L., & Vas, C. J. (2003). Risk factors for suicide: A classroom activity. Teaching of Psychology, 30, 123-126.
  • Madson, L. (2000). Inferences regarding the personality traits and sexual orientation of physically androgynous targets. Psychology of Women Quarterly, 24, 148-160.
  • Madson, L. (2001). A classroom activity exploring the complexity of sexual orientation. Teaching of Psychology, 28, 32-35.
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  • Cross, S. E., & Madson, L. (1997). Models of the self: Self-construal theory and gender. Psychological Bulletin, 122, 5-37.

Other Publications:

  • Madson, L (2011). Striving for Greatness. Review of Is There Anything Good About Men? How Cultures Flourish By Exploiting Men. Invited book review for Psychology of Women Quarterly, 35, 489-490.

Courses Taught:

Laura Madson
Department of Psychology
New Mexico State University
Las Cruces, New Mexico 88003
United States

  • Phone: (575) 646-2502
  • Fax: (575) 646-6212

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